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Safety Etiquette

Doing the best for your safety and convenience

Yongin EverLine

Safety Etiquette
Safety At Platform
  • 1. Please behind the safety line(yellow) before the train arrives in. The train might be urgently stopped if the safety line is touched.
  • 2. Let passengers get off the train before you board.
  • 3. Please watch out your step when you get off.
  • 4. Please do not jump down to the railway and be careful not to drop things.
    If something drops, contact station agent or use the emergency phone. Please do not try to get it by yourself.
Safety in Train
  • 1. Please push the silent alarm device if urgent help needed.
  • 2. Please do not carry the thinner, petroleum, hazardous material, etc. and report if you find those.
  • 3. Please use the carrier for the pet if it is with you.
  • 4. Please be aware of the usage and location of fire distinguisher, etc. safety equipment for the emergency.
  • 5. Please do not lean on the door and be careful not jam body, clothes, personal belongings in.
  • 6. No smoking at Station and in Train.
  • 7. Always take care of the disabled, the weak and children around you.