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Fare Guide

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Fare Guide
Fare Guide
Classification Fare Remark
Traffic Card Single Journey Traffic Card
(Age 19 ~ Age 64)
KRW1,600 KRW1,700 Separate fare KRW 200 applied
(Age 13 ~ Age 18)
KRW800 KRW1,700 Youth Traffice Card Only
(Age 6 ~ Age 12)
KRW500 KRW500 ChlildrenTraffice Card Only
Age 6 and under Free Free Free only for 3 with a guardian
Free of Charge

Age 65 and above, the disabled, National Merit and 5.18 Democrat Merit

Metropolitan Transfer Discount applied
Additional fare
  • 10km ~ 50km (KRW100/5km)
  • 50km and above (KRW100/8km)
Group Ticket Fare
Classification Section 1(~10km) Section 2(~15km) Section 3(~20km)
Adults KRW1,280 KRW1,360 KRW1,440
Youth KRW640 KRW704 KRW768
Children KRW400 KRW440 KRW480
  • 1. Group Ticket for over 20 passengers as a group
  • 2. One per every 20 passengers is free of charge
  • 3. Free is applied for the higher fare in the case that a group is made of different classifications
  • 4. Group Ticket can be only purchased in cash at the departure station. Please contact at 031-329-3581 for any inquiry.

※ ※ Group Ticket is only for Giheung ~ Jeondae. Everland